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Winter Blues, We are our Sisters' Keeper

December 21, 2018, officially marks the winter season. Many SoRHOrs do not know how the change of seasons can affect their mood swings or trigger Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) symptoms. Empirical research finds that individuals are most affected by seasonal change as a result of loss of sunlight. Energy levels are decreased, and depression increased taking control of an individual's well-being. Some individuals become short-tempered, while others are worn-out. Individuals can also find themselves consumed with grief, negativity, and sometimes poor job performances.

Keeping my PTSD managed is an everyday challenge and it becomes even more significant during the wintertime. What I have come to understand about the effects of seasonal change and mental health is that it’s very important to stay physically active, mentally and emotionally on course. Some key things to look out for are: sleeplessness, exhaustion, increased anxiety, feeling worthless, and loss of appetite. As an antidote, I double up on vitamin D and eat plenty of plants foods. I also add flax seeds to my diet to help reduce stress levels, anxiety, and mood swings. Lastly, I exercise my mind by increasing my understanding with more books, articles, and magazines. Overall, consider going to your doctor or mental health care provider. As the winter months hastily approach us, we must look out for one another. If you feel yourself disconnecting from others, it is important not to isolate yourself, but open-up and talk to others SoRHOrs, friends and family members. Having a simple conversation with a SoRHOr can be all it takes to get help managing how you feel. Although it may be difficult to disclose personal information with others, the more you reach out, the more social support you have, and the less likely you will feel depressed or aggravated. Creating supportive relationships with SoRHOrs you trust is paramount. We are genuinely our sisters' keeper.





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